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Steam Generator

In every industry - Pharma, Dairy, Laundry, Cooking ,Chemical ,Poultry - the Flamingo Combustion technology can reduce fuel costs by 30 % as compared to other conventional heating solutions in the market. The Flamingo Steam generator is available in a wide variety of models suitable for different applications.

Owing to its characteristics and temperature control STEAM has a variety of applications. Precise temperature control is possible by controlling the pressure of steam.

Flamingo Steam Boiler is quick and easy to use .Since it is skid mounted and automatic, we can install it within one day. It can also be run by a basic trained person.

Spares for the steam generators the same are available within 48 hours anywhere in India


Continuous supply of steam controlled as per the application can be provided by the Flamingo Steam generator.

Food processing , tyre retreading , process steam , vulcanizing, liquid drug manufacturing, vessel sterilisation, space cleaning, bottle washers, textile industries, Laundries for cleaning and ironing. etc

  • Unique combustion technology designed for high fuel efficiency
  • Automatic temperature and pressure controlling system
  • Automatic water level controller
  • Skid mounted design
  • Water treatment plant available
  • Small Chimney can be provided (wherever required)
  • Safety valves and accessories provided with the Steam Boiler.
  • Fully automatic
  • High Efficiency: 78%
  • Easy to operate
  • Less space requirements
  • 1 day installation.
  • Quick response to load swings
  • Reduced blowdown and lower water waste
  • Consistent steam output
No. Parameter FX-50 FX-350 FX-1000
1 Evaporation 50 kg/hr 350 kg/hour 1000 kg/hour
2 Operating pressure ( kg/cm2) 7 12 10.5
3 Fuel Multifuel- Dry Agro-waste fired, LPG, Diesel, or Duel fuel fired. Multifuel- Dry Agro-waste fired, LPG, Diesel, or Duel fuel fired. Multifuel- Dry Agro-waste fired, LPG, Diesel, or Duel fuel fired.
4 Type NIBR shell type NIBR coil type IBR shell type
5 Max temp 170 °C 191 °C 186 °C
6 Efficiency 75% 78% 78%
7 Users Laundry, Cashew, Small Sweet Manufacturer Laundry, Khava , Sweet, Pharma , Chemical Jaggery, Chemical, Laundry
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