Clean Energy

We endeavour to do so by providing innovative Heating systems that harness the renewable resources available on our planet, and provide our customers with affordable fuel.

Flamingo was founded on the principle that a small change can bring about are evolution in the way heat energy is utilised. To begin with, a super-efficient biomass stove with the goal of improving the cooking and heating methods in rural households was developed.

Our Motive

We concentrate our efforts in reducing the carbon footprint on this planet Earth.

In simple words, we save fossil fuels, reduce heating costs and use Renewable Biomass Fuel for the same.

For this purpose we have developed products which save precious fossil fuels thus reducing the carbon emissions.

In the last two years, we have managed to save around 3100 M Tons of CO2 emissions.

FLAMINGO prides itself in being one of the leading companies in the field of Engineering and technological innovations.

Our Journey

Change is necessary to survive in the world of ours. The onslaught of Humans on this planet has wreaked havoc in nature, its organisms and on all resources.

The incessant use of fossil fuels has evidently loaded this environment with CO2 and methane. It is not a question of whether the effects will be catastrophic or not, the question is when? How soon?

Flamingo industries have been in the renewable industry since 2001. By setting up the first briquetting plant, we set an example for the industry to follow. Most of the FO(furnace oil) and LPG fired boilers have been replaced with Biomass Briquette-fired boilers. Giants like Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola, Merck, Clariant Chemicals, CEAT tyres, Gharda Chemicals etc. have continued to use Briquette ­ fired boilers in Maharashtra and all over the country.

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