We at Flamingo Industries

Flamingo Industries believes that to Create something of value takes patience and hard work.

We aim to build, manage and develop a large operating portfolio of Biomass briquette fired heating systems across all segments throughout India. Clean Energy We endeavour to do so by providing innovative Heating systems that harness the renewable resources available on our planet, and provide our customers with affordable fuel.

Flamingo was founded on the principle that a small change can bring about a revolution in the way heat energy is being utilised. To begin with, we developed a super efficient biomass stove with the goal of improving the cooking and heating methods in rural households.

  • We concentrate our efforts in reducing the carbon footprint on this planet earth.
  • In simple words, we save fossil fuels, reduce heating costs and use Renewable Biomass Fuel for the same.
  • For this purpose we have developed products which save precious fossil fuels thus reducing the carbon emissions.
  • We have managed to save around 3100 MTons of CO2 emissions since the last two years alone.
  • FLAMINGO prides itself as one of the leading companies and has an excellent occurrence in the field of Engineering.
Our Vision
Our vision today is the latest expression of our commitment – to elevate the quality of life of everyone who we touch.

From building healthier communities to developing pioneering solutions, our efforts will be grounded by those we serve and whose perspectives that inspire us: our customers
Our Mission
Our mission is to save energy. This we achieve by providing products to the industrial ,residential and commercial food sector with heating solutions using Biomass briquettes at affordable prices.

Fuel is energy. It needs to be utilized conservatively and efficiently. We aim to transform the method of heating for all sectors.

We intend to do this by using Biomass Briquettes instead of age-old fossil fuels like LPG, Diesel, coal or wood.

We desire to transform the usage of fuel in the industrial, food and residential sectors.

CO₂ emissions saved


LPG Saved


Diesel Saved


Wood Saved


CO₂ emissions saved

Our Culture

At Flamingo, we utilise our resources to the maximum to deliver the most we can. Resourcefulness is a quality that drives us in our day to day activities.

  • Offer a broad range of cost-effective industrial solutions
  • Maintain a robust inventory of parts and products
  • Provide repair services to a diverse customer base across multiple sectors
  • Remain responsive to our customers’ needs
  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time

The Zeniths

  • Guaranteed saving of 30% fuel costs on heating requirements.
  • Development of innovative and well-researched solutions.
  • Holistic approaches to build healthier communities and a greener planet.
  • Affordable, applicable and readily serviceable products.
  • Custom-made energy optimization designs and technologies.

Donate Good Life With Flamingo

By sponsoring a water heater or a stove, you can provide women in rural areas access to a healthier, safe and efficient way of cooking and heating water. This will not only save 50 % of their fuel costs but also save at least 1 hour of their cooking time.

For 10,000 US dollars ( approx. 6,50,000 INR), you can provide 50 highly efficient Biomass cook stoves and 7 Water heaters that shall provide round the clock hot water to the village families. The donor is also provided with the location, photos and contact no of the user. In addition, a detailed report on the utilisation of your contribution shall build end-to-end consumer and investor contact.

Your donation will further our vision of ensuring a happy and healthy life for women and children. Donate to make a change.

Office: +91 9922-7555-77
Gat no 65, Plot no 2, Shelar wasti, near Bharat Weigh bridge, Pune - 412114
Admin: aniriddha@flamingoindustries.com


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